Financial Accounting

We provide a full range of Accounting services.

They can be done monthly, half yearly or annually on your behalf, or as are required.

We support most of the third party software packages for accounting, such as Excel, XERO,  MYOB. Information is obtained both manually and electronically.

All your financials are prepared based on the accounting standards and requirements of  the Institute of Chartered Accountants.  We can also prepare financials for and to satisfy banking requirements.

Financials prepared by us are easy to understand, which help you plan for growth in your business.

We access and encourage audit insurance (for a small fee) which will enable us, or any other accounting entity to conduct a full and comprehensive audit as maybe directed by the IRD at anytime and at their convenience.  Being insured, any audits are at NO CHARGE. This has been invaluable to many of our clients in the past.

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