Buying or Start-up a Business創業還是購買現成生意?

有些人相信擁有自己的生意是最好的投資 – 它可以提供獨立性,就業機會,安全性,生活方式以及獲得真正高收入的機會。[…]



如果您開始創立一個新的生意,在一切細節到位之前可能有一個很長的時間流程。在這期間您的資金會源源不斷地流出,直到您打開門做生意為止。從我們過去所得的經驗,初創企業的風險不是膽小者所能承受得了的項目,而且在開業之前,它們通常都需要更長的時間,人力資源和更多的成本來籌備, 其中的壓力我們需要考慮是否能否承擔得下來。

在買賣生意中,葉坤昌特許會計事務所可以為您提供對前業主的生意做一個盡職調查報告這個生意可不可以買下來以及價格是否合理!請聯絡資深特許會計師 葉曜榛先生 英女皇服務勳章,太平紳士 為您服務!本公司预约電話號碼是+64 (09) 522 2288或是


Some people believe that having their business is the best investment – it can provide independence, employment opportunities, security, lifestyle and access to high-income opportunities.

A savvy buyer will weigh the difference between buying an existing business or starting a business from scratch. Those who are optimistic about start-ups believe that they will save on the cost of paying “goodwill” but may overlook the high failure rate of entrepreneurship.

There are many benefits to buying an existing business. The most important factors are there is a lease in place in a chosen location, with good relationships with suppliers and customers, availability of financial records that can be viewed, there may be some experienced staff will stay, all operating licences and lease arrangements, operating manuals and systems, value of plant and equipment at written down value and training provided by the former owner and so on. The best thing is that from the day you take over the business, cash flows into the accounts straight away.

For those who fancy start-up a new business, there may be a long preparatory period and uncertainty before everything is in place. During this time your funds will flow continuously until you open the door to do business.

From our experience and statistics, the risks of start-ups are not for the timid ones can afford because it needs a lot of time, planning and resources to set up the business and bearing all the associated stress in doing so.

In buying and selling of a business, Kuan Yap & Associates Limited can help you conduct a due diligence report on the business of the former owner. We will give you an opinion on whether the business is bought, and the price is fair and reasonable!

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